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* Merge pull request #5 from odr/masterHEADni/mastercd/mastercd/HEADmasterIavor S. Diatchki2014-02-243-4/+18
| * matchUntil was changed for performanceodr2014-02-103-4/+18
* | Merge pull request #4 from odr/masterIavor S. Diatchki2014-02-034-208/+217
|\ \ | |/
| * bugs fixedodr2014-01-112-2/+2
| * Text-based APIodr2014-01-114-208/+217
* Disable `tracing` by default.Iavor S. Diatchki2012-10-042-4/+12
* Integrate improvements from Scrive (thanks to Magnus Carlsson!)Iavor S. Diatchki2012-06-015-20/+31
* Update dependency to allow base 4.Iavor S. Diatchki2011-07-281-7/+2
* appease the validatorSigbjorn Finne2009-12-211-3/+3
* 0.3.2: extend export list for C.M.Parse; updated maintainer infoSigbjorn Finne2009-12-218-20/+24
* haddock additionsSigbjorn Finne2009-01-316-56/+82
* bump along to 0.3.1Sigbjorn Finne2009-01-301-3/+3
* MIMEValue: include extra header field + toggle to control inclusion of conten...Sigbjorn Finne2008-11-094-14/+40
* version bump and base64 exportEric Mertens2008-10-201-3/+3
* fix terrible QP encoding snafu + tidyupsSigbjorn Finne2008-09-197-16/+18
* encode: simplifiedSigbjorn Finne2008-09-141-8/+7
* added encoder + recognize soft line breaks on the decoding sideSigbjorn Finne2008-09-141-1/+37
* wibble (testing e-mail fwd'ing)Sigbjorn Finne2008-09-081-0/+1
* wibble (testing e-mail fwd'ing)Sigbjorn Finne2008-09-081-1/+0
* robustified (wrt. casing) field lookupsSigbjorn Finne2008-09-081-10/+25
* Merge branches 'master', 'master' and 'master' of ssh:// Finne2008-09-080-0/+0
* Add a .gitignore file to ignore "dist" directories.Iavor S. Diatchki2008-09-051-0/+1
* Make parsing parameters case insensitive.Iavor S. Diatchki2008-09-052-2/+3
* Codec categoryDon Stewart2008-04-211-1/+2
* Updated cabal file for releaseTrevor Elliott2008-04-171-1/+1
* Name space fixesDon Stewart2008-01-046-25/+52
* Move MIME stuff into proper Codec.* namespace.Don Stewart2008-01-048-7/+9
* Fix Cabal package name.Aaron Tomb2007-12-211-2/+2
* Initial import.Iavor S. Diatchki2007-12-219-0/+702