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README: talk about the target attributev1.18.0
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ krops is a lightweigt toolkit to deploy NixOS systems, remotely or locally.
Create a file named `krops.nix` (name doesn't matter) with following content:
krops = (import <nixpkgs> {}).fetchgit {
url = https://cgit.krebsco.de/krops/;
@@ -56,6 +56,37 @@ and run `$(nix-build --no-out-link krops.nix)` to deploy the target machine.
Under the hood, this will make the sources available on the target machine
below `/var/src`, and execute `nixos-rebuild switch -I /var/src`.
+## Deployment Target Attribute
+The `target` attribute to `writeDeploy` can either be a string or an attribute
+set, specifying where to make the sources available, as well as where to run
+the deployment.
+If specified as string, the format could be described as:
+Portions in square brakets are optional.
+If the `USER` is the empty string, as in e.g. `@somehost`, then the username
+will be obtained by SSH from its configuration files.
+If the `target` attribute is an attribute set, then it has to define the attributes
+`host`, `path`, `port`, `sudo`, and `user`. This allows to deploy to targets
+that don't allow sshing in as root, but allow (preferably passwordless) sudo:
+pkgs.krops.writeDeploy "deploy" {
+ source = /* ... */;
+ target = lib.mkTarget "user@host/path" // {
+ sudo = true;
+ };
+For more details about the `target` attribute, please check the `mkTarget`
+function in lib/default.nix.
## Source Types